Fliplet helps businesses create apps for internal use. Our product removes the need for technical skills, reduces the cost of producing an app and cuts app creation time from months to hours.

Problem we solve:

Mobile device use in enterprise is rapidly increasing but there is currently no way for businesses to effectively create as many internal apps as they need in a rapid and cost-effective way. That’s why we launched Fliplet.

Market we target:

Large companies where staff are already using their smartphones and tablets at work and who want to increase internal use of mobile devices for better efficiencies and communication. Internal apps can include sales support tools, reporting and training tools, quote builders, board meeting packs, etc.

Our product:

Fliplet helps companies to use their mobile devices in a more effective way by:

? Making it fast and easy to distribute apps across their business without needing to submit apps to the app store

? Reducing the complexity of creating an app through an online tool that can be used by anyone with basic web skills

? Supporting organisations that want to submit apps to an app store, either internal or external

? Being available on both Apple and Android smartphones and tablets so organisations can easily distribute their apps across their workforce independent of which mobile device they are using.

? Enabling apps to be updated immediately without having to wait for app store review periods

Our financial model:

£50 per device per year for as unlimited apps.