How to get into an accelerator: Our piece in The Next Web

We were recently at the How to Web conference in Romania, and while we were there we spoke to The Next Web on how to get into a startup accelerator. can 22 year old use viagra

Our CEO Simon spoke about the do’s and don’ts of getting into a programme, alongside Kirsten from Seedcamp. The competition for getting into a top accelerator is only getting stiffer as the sector matures.

Their top tips:

  • Take part in a pre-accelerator
  • Explain your idea in simple terms
  • Keep your answers short
  • Be original
  • Show that your product already has traction
  • Be realistic with your valuation
  • Know your market
  • Don’t pitch via Skype
  • Keep their attention
  • Demonstrate your product
  • Be honest
  • Don’t focus on the technology
  • Keep your pitch short
  • Use a single presenter
  • Pick a confident speaker
  • Know your baggage
  • Try, try, try again

For all of the nuggets of advice, see the full TNW article here: