RealTAG will enhances the consumer’s emotional connection with a brand while providing an effective anti-counterfeiting solution.

Problem we solve/ the market:

Counterfeiting of branded products is a huge worldwide problem for brand owners. Counterfeiters are driven by quick profits and don’t care if their fake products meet safety standards or quality controls.

Using the power of the mobile phone as a verification tool RealTag provides brands with an unbreakable encryption process to instantly verify whether a branded good is genuine.

The RealTag can be applied to the brand’s packaging or even onto the branded product. By raising the barriers of entry to counterfeiters RealTag disrupts the fake market while helping to protect the brand.

An additional benefit of the RealTag is once the consumer has checked the RealTag the brand owner can receive real time information on when and where the product was sold. These data analytics are invaluable to the brand’s marketing and sales departments.

Our financial model:

Charging a fee to the brand owner to establish the RealTag anti-counterfeiting solution. Monitoring the RealTag after entering the supply chain will provide an additional revenue stream as will providing valuable real time data analytics to the brand owners.