Sedicii is an authentication technology where your password never leaves your browser. Never sent. Never stored.

Problem we solve:

Passwords are designed to help you protect yourself when you go online by authenticating that you are really you. However, with the explosion of internet services, the number of usernames and passwords that people are required to remember has far exceeded their memory capacity. As a consequence, people are re-using the same password multiple times to access different internet services. It is claimed that the average number of passwords a person can remember is only six. Typically this number of passwords is what will be used to access twenty five or more different services. Consequently, password fatigue is a major security risk.

Sedicii’s patented authentication technology solves the problem of password overload by eliminating the need for passwords to be transmitted or stored anywhere except in the user’s head. This means an internet service no longer has a need to store your password in order to authenticate you. And if there is no need to store anything, there is nothing for a hacker to steal. Also, if there is no need to transmit anything, there is nothing to intercept. By eliminating the need to transmit and store private information we have massively increased the security of a person’s online identity.

Market we target:

Sedicii is targeting B2B markets such as ISP’s that require a secure, single sign-on solution to provide secure access to bundled services; to internet games manufacturers to provide seamless and secure login to multiple games for children; to banks and financial institutions that wish to implement Sedicii, either to complement existing technologies, or to use in a stand-alone environment.

The market for Sedicii is global. Every website that has a user login function is a potential customer. Every internet user that wants the convenience of a single password and also wishes to assert control over their identity online at all the websites they access is a potential customer.

Our product:

Sedicii uses a fast and lightweight userid/password login model, based on zero knowledge proof (ZKP), to provide enhanced security. Such an approach to authentication is considered to be the most secure way of proving identity. Up to now this has not proven feasible because of the need for high speed, asynchronous communication and the large computational processing needed within a user’s browser. However, with the advent of AJAX Web 2.0 technologies, coupled with a novel method of implementing Zero Knowledge Proof, Sedicii can demonstrate that such an approach to authentication is now a reality. The Sedicii service authenticates users in such a way that a password never leaves the user’s browser, is never stored on an authenticating server and the verifier is not able to impersonate the user.

Our financial model:

Sedicii has an enterprise, B2B sales model where an enterprise will pay a ‘per user’ licence fee for every enrolled user in a system. The license fee will be banded to allow for large user groupings where the cost decreases with user volumes. Typically this service will be used by an ISP or a bank or financial institution that requires extra security for their application. Or, where fraud of some kind is leading to revenue leakage due to inappropriate use of login credentials.