Tiptapped identifies and analyses sports predictions made online, offering novel insights in real time to individuals and larger clients.

Problem we solve:

We take the huge volume of unstructured chatter about sports on social media channels, and extract meaningful information about what the ‘crowd’ thinks about upcoming events. We minimise noise by amplifying the voice of individuals with stronger track records.

Market we target:

Individuals interested in crowd-sourced sporting insights, for entertainment or gambling purposes.
Larger clients such as bookmakers and sports media broadcasters.

Our product:

Tiptapped identifies and aggregates predictions about sports games made on social media, tracking individual predictor’s track record. Our insights are made available through both a public-facing web interface, and a data stream for business customers.

Our financial model:

Combination of subscription and freemium access to our live data streams / collected analytics. We’re investigating a combination of revenue from:

Individuals looking for betting tips and live social media powered entertainment around sporting matches.
Larger clients such as online bookmakers looking to target individuals with live, tailored betting odds or offers.

Website: www.tiptapped.com
Twitter: @TipTapped